Aug 20, 2012

Baseball Heroes Cheats - Free Buy All Item

Baseball Heroes Cheats - Free Buy All Item [NOT WORK]

More Cheat : Baseball Heroes Hack Facebook update 2012

It works on All item which are to be purchased with FBC (facebook credit).

You can buy without fb credit to buy expensive items (not permanent), but will disappear after di refresh
Do not need any cheating tools like :

Cheat Engine 
- Fiddler
- Charles
Note: This hack is not permanent but permanent for bats that will increase your skill points (power, contacts, luckand only for Western Union Payments

Tools - Mozilla Firefox Download 

How to :

- Play Baseball heroes

- Go to shop

- Select items of whatever you want  Ngiler

- Select purchase

- After which there will be a selection of payment

- Looking for Western Union Quickpay

- Fill out our e-mail (must / etc..)

- Click Continue

- Later there will be a mozilla in new window Do not let the cap before
incoming inventory (no matter what happens do not close)
Wait until the item Use.

-~+!@#$##$%$# .... the magic happens =D


Disclaimer : Implement following steps at your own risk.


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